Paul Landsman discusses how time is starting to run out for businesses to embrace digital transformation

Livingbridge consider why, in a world of opportunities presented by the extension of 3G and 4G provision, acceleration in data collection and the rise of AI, surprisingly few businesses are really using technology to create profound changes across their organisation.

Livingbridge consider the scope of the transformation that utilising new technology can achieve, from customer relationship marketing and enterprise resource planning to workforce management and even artificial intelligence. New technology is also becoming increasingly easy to introduce. Solutions can be simply plugged in and integrated, off-the-shelf, from the cloud.

The breadth and inter-operability of these tools underline a crucial truth about digital transformation – it spans everything that a company does in its front, middle and back office.

The wide-reaching effects of integrating new technology don’t just stop at day to day operations. More and more customers are beginning to expect companies to have the newest technology in order to secure their custom. Consider this statistic: the average business’s website in the UK today takes 8.66 seconds to fully load, yet the typical user will move on if the content they seek is not available to them within 3 seconds. It’s an illustration of the accelerated pace with which businesses must now operate and the price paid by those that don’t.

In this article, Livingbridge look at how entrepreneurs can get ahead of the digital curve and the far reaching effects this can have on their business.

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