Responsible Investment

At Livingbridge responsible investment is in our DNA; it’s what we do. It’s integrated into our thinking and our operations so that we can make our business and the businesses we invest in better for the society we all share.


Our responsible investment programme is built around four core beliefs which reflect our culture – read more in our inaugural responsible investment report.

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Diversity is essential to success

Throughout our business and our portfolio companies we seek to build and maintain diverse teams to improve the quality of decision-making and people’s sense of belonging.

We are founding partners of Level20 and 10000 Black Interns as well as partners with Women in Asset Management.

Everyone has a duty to look after our planet

Livingbridge and its portfolio companies support the objectives set out by the Paris Agreement and the recommendations made by the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD).

We have been designated Carbon Neutral and are working consistently to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.

Access to education and continuous learning unlocks opportunities and reduces inequalities

Livingbridge seeks to improve educational outcomes for young people by continuing to invest directly in the education sector and providing the flexibility for our employees to offer their talent and time within the community.

We have a longstanding relationship with Impetus which reflects our genuine commitment to giving back to society and improving social mobility across the UK. We also promote causes which improve access to education and reduce inequalities in educational outcomes by supporting the Livingbridge Foundation.

We believe in creating a workplace that supports personal fulfilment and wellbeing

Our aim is to nurture a culture of trust within Livingbridge and our portfolio companies where individuals take responsibility for their work and contribute meaningfully to the overall success of their organisation whilst, at the same time, leading fulfilling lives.

We respect the physical and mental health of employees by having mechanisms in place to safeguard their health and proactively invest in support schemes and services.

Please read our Stewardship Policy and Responsible Investment Policy for more information.
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Responsible Investment at Livingbridge

Responsible Investment at Livingbridge