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Four Eyes

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Medical productivity and clinical service consultancy

Four Eyes Insight is a medical productivity and clinical service consultancy, founded in 2013 by Dr Henry Carleton and Brian Wells. Henry and Brian both come from a medical background, and the business proposition to acute NHS trusts leverages the founders’ clinical experience to help them to identify and implement efficiency and performance improvement across clinical settings. 

The business’s services are in high demand partly due to the funding pressure placed on the NHS. Nearly 60% of the NHS’s budget is directed to acute trusts and as a consequence, they are experiencing the greatest share of efficiency saving pressures. Four Eyes Insight’s clinical productivity consulting assists trusts in realising savings.

Reaching peak performance

  • We invested in 2016 to help the business to strengthen internal processes and infrastructure as well as to bolster the senior management team. 
  • Shortly after our investment, the business opened its first London office.
  • Our in-house talent team has worked to augment the senior management team through supporting the hire of a new CEO, Dr. Emma Stanton. Emma brings a wealth of international experience as the previous chief partnership officer for Beacon Health Options in the USA. A new COO has been hired bringing extensive experience from across the professional and financial services sector and the public sector. We have also supported the hire of a new CFO with previous experience of working with Livingbridge in the health and education sectors. 
  • In order to support the business' continued growth, Nick Kirkbride has been appointed as chair. Following a career that included growing consultancy businesses, Nick was most recently CEO for NHS Professionals, a staffing business owned by The Secretary of State for Health and Social Care.
  • Since our investment, Four Eyes has invested significantly to develop a new software platform, "Insight", which is currently in beta testing across multiple acute hospitals. 


“At Four Eyes, we improve efficiency across health care systems. To do this in a sustainable way takes the right combination of technology and people. Our dedicated, high-performing teams bring hands-on NHS experience at the frontline of operational improvement. Our primary focus now is on launching cutting-edge software that drives efficiencies to put patients at the centre of care.”

Dr Emma Stanton, CEO




Government announces NHS is to find £22 billion in “efficiency savings” over next 5 years


Four Eyes Insight established


Livingbridge invest 


New COO introduced


New CEO introduced

New chairman joins

New CFO hired 


"Insight" software launched

New CPO hired