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Construction software provider

Eque2 (formerly Sage Construction) provides construction related Enterprise Resource Planning software. The software caters for businesses of all sizes, across construction, house building, and onshore and offshore services, allowing builders, contractors, architects, engineers and planners to accurately manage cost and processes during a construction project.


Building a focused product strategy

  • Livingbridge invested to enable the management buyout of Sage Construction from Sage plc. At investment, Wes Simons, CEO, said, “As Sage Construction, we have been successfully trading even during these challenging economic times. However, while Sage has a generic focus across industries, Sage Construction specifically targeted the construction and contracting vertical. This MBO represents a fantastic opportunity for us to offer even more focus to the industry, and we are delighted to have completed the transaction.”
  • The investment supported the business as it further developed its range of construction specific products, in particular their Small Medium Business (‘SMB’) focused software which saw significant growth during the investment period. 
  • A chairman with experience of working at two Livingbridge companies joined at investment, and an experienced software sales director was also appointed. 


"We have achieved significant growth over the last four years, and have been able to considerably develop our range of products on offer. We’re very proud of what we have achieved with Livingbridge during the investment period."

Richard Beaton, executive chairman




Livingbridge invest in Eque2 (formerly Sage Construction) enabling the MBO from Sage Plc


Experienced executive chairman introduced 


Sales director appointed to senior team 


Successful sale to another private equity house