Our investment criteria

What do we look for?

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to investment. If you have a growing business that fits some simple criteria around sector and size, we’d love to explore how we might be able to think about the next step in your journey:  

  • We invest in established growing businesses, valued up to £300m   
  • We focus on four core sectors – technology, services, healthcare & education, and consumer 
  • We invest through four different funds and we are happy to consider both majority and minority stakes. Whichever fund is right for your business, you’ll work with the same team of experts  
  • We’re interested in the potential pace of your business’s growth, not its age 
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Who do we work with?

We’re very selective, but our 20 years of experience means we can recognise really quickly what great looks like.  

 But for us there are bigger questions. Can we work together? Are we aligned in what you want to achieve in your business?  

 This focus is how we forge great lasting relationships with our investees.  We will ask each other challenging questions in pursuit of excellence, and together we’ll strive to create sustained success, during our investment and beyond.

What do we look for?

We only back businesses we believe in. This means we set the bar high for those we work with and what we can achieve.

We want to help the most ambitious management teams because we know that we have the experience and the right tools to help them achieve their ambitions. This is how we empower entrepreneurs to build the best businesses in their markets. 

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£300m EV

Investing in businesses valued up to £300m EV


Typical stake range

3-7 years

Typical hold period

How does Livingbridge work with your business?

Our goal is to empower your business’s leadership team. We can’t predict what’s going to happen, but our experience allows us to de-risk uncertainties, meaning you can make bolder decisions for your business.

You should feel equipped to best take on the challenges and maximise the opportunities that come with growth. We have designed a team of specialists created with this in mind. Their knowledge and expertise exists to help management teams deliver sustainable growth for now and the future. We won’t tell you what to do, but we’ll make sure you’re asking the right questions.

Areas we find interesting

At Livingbridge, we’ve been investing in our four sectors for over twenty years. Over this time, we’ve built up deep expertise, industry networks we’re proud of, and we’ve supported management teams to create success stories across multiple niches.

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Services sector

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Technology sector

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Healthcare & education sector

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Consumer sector

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Growth accelerators

We designed a world-class team with the precise expertise needed to build the best businesses. Our growth acceleration team is at the heart of how we equip our investees for success. Over 150+ investments, we’ve seen the skills and capabilities that have transformed businesses and delivered long term sustainable growth. Using that learning, we’ve invested in a dedicated in-house team to ensure we can give our investees those tools to accelerate growth time and time again.

We have offices in London, Birmingham and Manchester, as well as international offices in Boston and Melbourne. We believe your business should know no boundaries and we have helped many of our investee companies make overseas acquisitions and investments. We can help you expand internationally for the first time or accelerate your global plans.

Looking for investment?

Looking for investment?

Our recent investments

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Waste Services Group

What size companies do you invest in?

We invest in ambitious businesses with an enterprise value of up to £300m. Although we work as one team, we have three different funds through which we can invest, giving us the firepower and flexibility to back a broad range of businesses. We take stakes of anywhere between 5-80% so we can structure a deal that suits the need of you and your business.  

What countries do you invest in?

We invest in the UK, mainland Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, but we also work with our investee companies to expand into and acquire businesses in markets all around the world. Our offices in Boston and Melbourne are just one way that we work to support investees’ overseas expansion. 

Are there any sectors that you don't invest in?

We focus on four core sectors where we have particular expertise and experience. These are technology, services, healthcare & education, and consumer. 

What type of deals do you do?

We can support your business in a variety of different deal structures, depending on your circumstances and what you’re looking for:
These include: 

  • Growth capital, for businesses looking for funding to grow and expand 
  • Management buyouts, where a management team is looking to take control of the business
  • Replacement capital, for businesses looking to sell a stake in the business while remaining with the company to grow it further 
  • Secondary buy-outs, for businesses with existing private equity backers now looking to sell their investments 
  • Acquisition capital, for businesses seeking to finance a buy and build strategy for growth 
  • Minority stakes, for businesses that want to retain control and find funding for their future
How much can Livingbridge invest?

We typically invest between £5m and £100m, taking stakes ranging from 5% to 80%of the business.

Our fund platform

Livingbridge invests across its fund platform in high growth, entrepreneurial businesses that meaningfully contribute to the growth of the global economy and have the ability to create new opportunities in existing markets.