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Livingbridge believes that the high growth, entrepreneurial businesses in which it invests meaningfully contribute to the growth of the global economy and have the ability to disrupt existing markets and create new opportunities. Through its deep knowledge and resources, Livingbridge is well-positioned to empower SME businesses to navigate the challenges and opportunities that accompany a period of significant growth.

Livingbridge equips its investees with the tools and expertise they need at critical points in their journey, devoting meaningful time and resources to empower entrepreneurs and management teams to drive success.

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Our funds
Livingbridge Enterprise invests in high-growth, entrepreneurial SME businesses typically with an enterprise value of up to £50m. Currently investing from Livingbridge Enterprise 3, a 2019 vintage, £334m fund.
Mid Market Fund
Livingbridge Mid-Market invests in high-growth, entrepreneurial SME businesses typically with an enterprise value between £50m and £300m. Currently investing from Livingbridge 7, a 2020 vintage, £1.2bn fund.

Our investment criteria

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How does Livingbridge empower its investees to be the best?
  • We bring a valuable perspective from our experience of more than 150 investments made over 20 years
  • Our in-house team of specialists supports the pursuit of M&A strategies and has helped our investees make over 130 acquisitions
  • We have a dedicated recruitment and mentoring capability to develop industry leading talent
  • Our technology, digitalisation and customer acquisition specialists are available to help drive organic growth
  • We have two overseas offices and an international network of industry contacts who support investee companies in their plans for international expansion
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Whats it like working with Livingbridge?

We chat to Daniel Jones, CEO of Bright Futures, about how Livingbridge stands out in the private equity market.

Our recent investments

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Network Plus is one of the UK’s Tier 1 pureplay providers of essential repair & maintenance (R&M), installation and connection services to water, power and gas utilities in the UK.