Our experience in the healthcare sector

Our experience in the healthcare sector

We speak to Mark Turner, a member of the Livingbridge value strategy group, about some of the expertise we’ve developed over 20 years of healthcare investments.


Mark: Livingbridge has been invested in the healthcare sector pretty much since it began. It’s been a central pillar of all our success. We understand the funding environment, we understand the demand drivers. We have a very, very good understanding of the underlying customer need. And that enables us to work out which assets are the ones to back, how to build teams around the original founder units and grow those businesses ahead of market trend.

Hugh: They have got a really useful network of experts. They’ve been experts in healthcare and they are able to give us some expertise from outside of our core competencies.

Mark: We’ve invested across a huge range of service providers into the healthcare sector. And this will continue, I suspect, for years to come.

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