Nick Holder features in La Fosse’s ‘Driving Value with Digital’ report

Nick Holder has spoken to La Fosse Associates, technology, digital and change recruiters, for their Private Equity- Driving Value with Digital report.


Based upon insights derived from La Fosse’s 2017 event on ‘digitising the portfolio’, the report outlines some effective strategies when pursuing digital transformation. Research aims to shed light on the following three issues:


  • Digitisation in sectors such as B2B services and heavy industry, that are perceived to be less digitally developed.
  • The impact of digital on end to end processes and product, including the transformation of both back-office operations and customer-facing functions.
  • The use of new technologies to modernise the recruitment process for senior leadership hires.


Within the report, Nick discusses the question of ‘how to plan for the digital skills shortage with strategic partners?’ He explains that the digital skill shortage is a national, rather than regional, problem and that in order to plan for this digital skills shortage, it is imperative that businesses think carefully about their business model. Partnering with both investors who have experience in this area, and recruiters who have a deep understanding of the digital ecosystem, can help businesses shape the strategy and organisational structure required to meet the digital skills challenge head on.

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