by Mo Aneese

Mo Aneese talks to MicroScope about how MSPs can approach the SMB market

With predictions of an 80% increase in SMB IT spend over the next four years, the role of managed service providers (MSPs) is becoming increasingly important as smaller businesses look to adopt more managed services. But what can MSPs do to ensure they make the most of the SMB opportunity and how prepared are they to support SMBs as they shift spending to managed services?

Mo Aneese argues that although the SMB community might make up a large part of the customer base, managed service players need to be able to avoid the one size fits all approach.

Mo observes that MSPs play a crucial role in helping SMBs to scale, globalise, innovate and thrive in today’s connected age, but in a market where they partner with similar cloud providers, the ability to differentiate on customer service and support is vital. Propositions should be built around the customer, with the MSP positioned as a trusted strategic partner able to build a roadmap of where the customer wants to go, working with them every step of the way through that journey.

He says that if they want to retain their position as key partners for SMBs, MSPs will need to undergo a process of constant evolution. This means devising a strategy to operate opposite the hyperscalers, developing a unique set of services and working closely with their customers to help them achieve their business objectives.

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