Meet the Team: Mihir Patel

Why did you decide to join the world of private equity? 

I was a corporate financier before joining Livingbridge and really enjoyed meeting entrepreneurs and supporting transactions, but I was keen to assume more of an active investor role. I wanted to be a part of the thinking behind the growth opportunity for a business, and ultimately partner with and invest into businesses, and then work with ambitious management teams to build market leaders. Private equity offered this unique opportunity. 

You joined Livingbridge in 2019. What drew you to the firm? 

Aside from Livingbridge’s exceptional track-record in consistently supporting businesses grow and deliver strong returns for investors, the people and culture really drew me to the firm. I really enjoyed meeting the team through the interview process and was impressed by how the firm had been able to cultivate such a high-performing environment that was also extremely supportive and collaborative. There was a clear emphasis on training and supporting members of the team to become investors. 

The role itself also really appealed to me, offering the opportunity to work across sectors as well as the investing and portfolio side of the business. This has been invaluable to build a well-rounded skillset. 

For me, the mid-market is a particularly interesting part of the private equity world, with a strong focus on driving growth and great opportunities to share our experience and add value to businesses as they mature. 

You work on the new investment team what do you enjoy most about your role? 

My favourite part of the role is meeting and working with ambitious management teams. I meet entrepreneurs across a range of sectors and have the unique opportunity to learn about their business and growth aspirations. And its great to be able to then partner with these businesses and support their growth with lasting impact. 

What are some of the common challenges you face when establishing a relationship with new portfolio companies? 

While we build a good understanding of the business and the market during due diligence, there is so much more to learn during the first six months post-acquisition. It’s key to establish that core foundation to be able to provide the support and challenge to achieve our shared vision for the business.  

Aligning on responsibilities and expectations as early as possible is also important to build trust and an open-book dialogue. This really helps to drive the best strategy and react to inevitable challenges in the optimal way. 

What has been your proudest moment and/or project during your time at Livingbridge? 

My proudest moment was when we successfully delivered the sale of Network Plus after a short 20-month investment period. I worked on the original investment in 2020, so it was great to be a part of the growth journey and see the investment through to the exit with a great result for the team and our investors. 

It was a privilege to work with the Network Plus team who were exceptional in executing the growth strategy. I’m looking forward to hearing about their continued success. 

As a big golf fan, where have you travelled to play golf?  

I’ve travelled to Spain, Portugal, and Mauritius to play at some world-renowned courses. No doubt the list will be extending… next stop Turkey!  

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