Livingbridge Marketing Leaders’ event: SEO Excellence

Last week we invited marketing leaders from our investee companies to The Labs in Holborn to hear from a line-up of fantastic speakers about how search engine optimisation (SEO) can impact on your business and your profits.


Dave Kirby, who heads up Livingbridge’s customer acquisition team, suggested that whilst Google’s algorithm for search ranking is increasingly complex and impossible to back solve, by adopting a common-sense approach to optimising your website, you can improve your visibility, traffic and profits.

He provided tailored feedback to our investee companies by analysing their web pages and looked at where easy changes to a site can make a big difference on search ranking – always keeping mind Google’s objective of helping its users find what they are looking for as quickly as possible.  Our investee M24seven, a leading hosting and connectivity provider, has grown online lead generation significantly through SEO. The M24seven team identified a set of target search terms with Livingbridge, then made a series of technical and content related updates to their website in early 2018. SEO traffic to their site has grown by 10x over the period as a result.

Livingbridge’s Josh Fidler-Brown assisted our investees’ SEO specialists in an ‘SEO deep-dive’ workshop where latest technical challenges and any shared tips/tricks were discussed. Josh explained the pros and cons of splitting a website into a domain (, .de, .com) by country or consolidating under a single domain (.com), and shared the latest tools for creating engaging content that ranks highly.

Will Critchlow, CEO of agency ‘Distilled’, discussed the future of SEO and how Google was moving away from an explainable formula, to a machine-learning driven algorithm of increasing complexity. He looked at how the future of search was contextual, and how that might impact on how brands were found. In this world of ever-increasing complexity, he stressed the importance of constant testing to ensure you are delivering what users are actually searching for.

Addressing the recent Mobile First Index, the next speaker Jon Myers, CEO of SEO agency ‘DeepCrawl’, updated our investees on the practical implications of Google’s switch to mobile on their rankings.

This was especially relevant for any companies with split mobile and desktop sites as Google look to rank mobile pages as the primary version, which means it is paramount that companies focus on making their mobile web pages consistent, user-friendly and content rich. Content light mobile pages without the SEO features of their desktop versions will see their SEO rankings suffer.

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