How we help

As entrepreneurs, you journey into the unknown

Our 20+ years of private equity investments can give a different perspective, revealing new pathways. We won’t tell you where to go, but we’ll show you where to look. We won’t tell you what to do, but we’ll share what we think.

Our experience is 150+ investments. Experience learnt from success and failure and the good sense to never waste a mistake. This experience is how we guide businesses to be the best, empowering entrepreneurs to win throughout our investment and beyond.

The firepower to fulfil your ambitions

Private equity investment can be crucial in giving businesses the financial firepower they need to realise their ambitions. Whether you are looking to buy the business you manage or sell all or part of your business, having the capital to deliver on your strategic objectives can transform its future.    

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The right tools for the journey ahead

We believe our private equity investment is much more than capitalOur years of experience de-risks the unpredictable; the lessons of our track record tell us what to do, even when we don’t know what to do. This experience is there to embolden your decision making and empower your success.   

This is why we built a strong, focused team with the relevant expertise needed to achieve thisOur growth acceleration team is at the heart of how we equip our investees for success. Over 150+ investments, we’ve seen the skills and capabilities that have transformed businesses and delivered long term sustainable growth. Using that learning, we’ve invested in a dedicated inhouse team to ensure we can give our investees those tools to accelerate growth time and time again.  

Growth accelerators

Our growth acceleration team is available to any of our investees as they need, to help them to ask the right questions around areas such as customer acquisition and retention, internationalisation strategy, M&A, data and insight, talent and technology enablementWe work together to empower leadership teams to build the best businesses in their markets.    

Deep sector expertise

We know sustained success is about more than just growth. We want you to be the best and stay the best. That looks different in different markets, but we can work with you to understand what’s required in your market, having focused on our specialist sectors for more than 20 years. 

This deep sector expertise across technology, services, consumer and healthcare & education, means we have worked with leadership teams to solve relevant challenges and identify similar opportunities. If your business is active in one of these sectors, we believe we have the network and the relevant experience to have valuable conversations with you.  

The relationships we forge

Our integrity is demonstrated by the relationships we forge, and our influence is only revealed by your success. For us to deliver that success, we know we have to be completely aligned about the ambitions you want to deliver, personally and for your business.

We know it will be a challenging journey. But our investees will tell you that while it’s not always easy, we do things the right way and deliver what we say we’ll do. Forging our relationship out of honesty, trust and a shared ambition.