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Webinar: Adding 1s and 0s to your bottom line

In this webinar, Steve Jones addresses the big data question – 'how can analytics impact your profit?' Join our in-house data and analytics expert as he looks at best in class examples of how a data-driven strategy can transform business value.




Chances are that if someone is claiming they can help you solve a problem in your business, they’re probably using terms like analytics, AI and machine learning fairly liberally. In this environment it can be pretty difficult to understand where analytics can really be used to drive decision making.

Especially as in many businesses they’re collecting data, but they’re not transforming it into something that is commercially understood and applicable. In this webinar we will take you through some best in class examples of where application of a data driven strategy can really transform business value and talk you through how to get there.


What will you learn from this webinar?

  • Where can analytics be applied to drive real change in your business?
  • What does a good analytics person or team look like?
  • How to know which are the right tools for your business?
  • And most importantly that industrial effort is not required to obtain, analyse and use data to drive action or growth if you know how!


Webinar: Dave Kirby discusses how your business can create a customer acquisition engine

In this webinar Dave Kirby talks us through how to understand the real lifetime value of your customers, how this enables marketing to become a profit centre rather than a cost centre, and what it could mean for your business.

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