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Tim Richardson

“I love having the chance to talk about our industry – the good and the bad – and explaining how Livingbridge is different. This is how some of our most exciting deals have started.”

I’ve got the best job in the world: meeting successful entrepreneurs, learning about their journey so far and where they’d like to take their business in the future. The best part of my job is watching a company go from an idea, to a target, to a first meeting, to a relationship, to an investment, to an exit and to a friendship.

Before joining Livingbridge I spent 15 years in corporate finance at Charterhouse Bank and HSBC Investment Bank, mostly in business development roles, so I have built up a good understanding of the importance of deal origination in the private equity industry.

I believe that I’m very good at every sport I turn my hand to. This misguided notion has helped fund the growth of many sports equipment shops as my poor performance is, of course, blamed solely on the equipment.