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“My role allows me to meet, get to know and work to support entrepreneurs building businesses that will be tomorrow’s household names. I find it hugely rewarding to play a role in their journey, however big or small.”

I work in the new investment team at Livingbridge, identifying promising companies and thinking about how we might add value, and then supporting them as they grow.

I am delighted to bring my experience in the retail sector to Livingbridge, which has a strong history of working with high growth companies in the consumer sector, such as SilkFredCrew Clothing and Fat Face.

After graduating from the London School of Economics I worked as a sales trader at Goldman Sachs through the depths of the financial crisis. From there I spent time at two different private investment groups, most recently the founders and owner-operators of fast-fashion retailer River Island. I'm a member of Level20, a not for profit organisation working to improve gender diversity in the private equity industry.

When not in the office or searching blogs/malls/highstreets for the next big trend, I enjoy riding my motorbike, eating strange foods and travelling in unfamiliar countries – ideally combining all three if possible.

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