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Steve Jones

Growth acceleration team
+44 (0)20 7506 5715

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“Working across a wide variety of businesses is engaging and the reward comes when your time switches from gathering data to making decisions that drive growth.”

I support our investee companies to develop and evolve analytic capabilities which drive action from insight. No two businesses are the same but there are some commonalities in the approach and delivery of building strong analytical functions, such as managing data sets of various sizes from disparate sources. My goal is to combine these data sources and visualise insight on customer behaviour to inform strategic decision making.

My background has evolved from revenue management to business intelligence to digital acquisition within fast growing leisure brands (, Holiday Autos) and I join Livingbridge from a leading travel technology company, CarTrawler in Ireland. Travel is a highly competitive sector, where price plays a huge part in the consumer purchase decision so using data to acquire customers as efficiently as possible was key in accelerating growth. Building strong visual platforms to help navigate through large data, and get to the opportunities faster has always been a key focus for me.

Outside of work I’m a keen road cyclist, recreational runner and handy man. Usually against the wishes of my family, I attempt to fix, build or re-style the house, usually bereft of a plan. My quest for data extends past office hours and I’m currently transforming our house into a smart home. 

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