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Simon Hollingsworth

Investment team

Simon Hollingsworth website

 “One of the most satisfying things I’ve experienced in business is creating an ambitious vision and then working with a great team to deliver it.”

I work with talented management teams across our investment portfolio, helping them to define and then deliver a winning strategy to realise their potential. We work across a diverse range of businesses, which provides fantastic insight into how markets and business models are evolving.

I graduated from Trinity College, Dublin where I studied management science. I spent four years in strategy consulting at PwC before moving to a client in B2B distribution to help deliver an M&A-led diversification strategy. I got to work in a wide variety of operational roles in my six years with the business, which helped me to understand the practicalities and challenges of turning plans into action. I spent my final three years leading the transformation of the e-Commerce and marketing function within the education division, taking it from a catalogue retailer dominated by phone and fax, to a digital business reaching 50% online. I enjoy working with technology and trying to understand how it can be used to improve performance or disrupt a market.

In my spare time, I enjoy running, skiing, live music, exploring the world and trying new foods with friends and family.