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Daniel Smith

Investment team

Daniel Smith

“I get to meet the leaders of great, growing businesses. My job is to understand them, their company, market, needs, situation and figure out how Livingbridge can help them achieve their ambitions.”

I lead investments for Livingbridge focusing on the consumer and TMT sectors, with a particular passion for the travel market and software.

My favourite moment so far was probably the day we invested in the Enigma Group (Ski Esprit and Ski Total). Having worked for three and a half years to build up our knowledge and network in the leisure sector, and having built up a relationship with the Enigma team for two years, we completed our first travel investment in May 2006. We have since realised our investment in Enigma and also worked with On the Beach, TravelJigsaw and Encore. With each of these investments I am grateful to have witnessed the enormous impact that a high-performing, cohesive team can have on a marketplace. Sometimes the team is largely in place before we invest and sometimes we are central to bringing it together. Either way, I feel privileged to have worked with such outstanding leadership teams. We are currently on the same journey with Sykes Cottages and Direct Ferries. 

I grew up in Birmingham, studied Sport Science at Loughborough and spent 9 years with RBS, mainly in corporate banking, leveraged finance and private equity. I joined Livingbridge in 2003. I was attracted by the people – and the opportunity to be part of a team that was busy setting its own destiny.

I enjoy travelling, running and spending time with family and friends. 

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