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"Entrepreneurialism excites me. I love seeing the passion behind innovation, and witnessing the thought process behind turning an idea into a successful business. My role allows me to be a part of this process by supporting the U.S team in creating value and driving growth for a unique set of businesses."

I am part of the U.S team, helping to expand Livingbridge’s presence overseas. I have a unique role in the sense that I am responsible for supporting the US team’s activities, with a heavy focus on project management and market research for new and existing deals.

I graduated from Boston University in May 2018 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, and a concentration in Finance. I am excited to work with the Boston team, to dive into the world of private equity, and to be a part of an entrepreneurial atmosphere as the U.S office continues to grow and expand.  

During my time at Boston University, I was a varsity athlete, and still enjoy outdoor activities such as running, or kayaking on the Charles River. I love exploring the historical sites and art galleries in Boston, as well as finding new spots to visit around the city with friends.