Have you future-proofed your software business?

Software is having a huge impact on both businesses and consumers. From the applications we use on our mobile phones and tablets, to the broad range of industrial digital services, software plays an important role in driving efficiencies and making our lives more enjoyable. There is now a huge opportunity for software businesses that offer a unique, tangible service and have the ambitions, personnel and strategy to grow.


As software companies plan ahead, they may be asking questions such as: How can we scale into new markets? How can we grow our sales teams? How can we refine our marketing plans? How can we stay ahead of the latest technology trends?

Paul Landsman offers advice on what big decisions software companies should be considering for their business to continue growing in an ever-congested technology marketplace.


1. Ready your business to be cloud centric

Software businesses often choose to offer their technology on-premise, stored locally on computers or a local server, as part of an upfront licencing agreement. This approach suits many of their customers as they have full control over the software; they can administer the security controls of the product and the flow of data into and out of their networks. It removes some of the risks and delays of using a software product hosted in the cloud.

However, cloud-based software is becoming increasingly popular, offering different benefits such as the preferable economics of commodity hardware and shared infrastructure, flexible licensing contracts and the scale afforded by a cloud environment. Software businesses should be prepared to follow the preferences of their customer base if they see the industry shift towards accessing software in a cloud-based environment.

To ensure they can meet the demands of their entire customer base, an option to consider is the move to a hybrid cloud model, combining on-premise, private and public cloud hosting. This will allow them to adapt to any direction the industry moves in, whilst ensuring that they offer services in a cost-effective, convenient way for each customer.

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