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Customer acquisition and retention

Acquiring more customers is of critical importance if you’re looking to grow, but we know that it’s easier said than done. That’s why we’ve invested in our in-house team to ensure we can help sales and marketing teams analyse their activity and build effective customer acquisition and retention strategies that help them prioritise what’s driving the most value.

Case studies


Understanding your customer value


In this webinar David Kirby talks us through how to understand the real lifetime value of your customers, how this enables marketing to become a profit centre rather than a cost centre, and what it could mean for your business. 


Marketing leaders network

At Livingbridge we host quarterly events, inviting the marketing leaders from our investee companies for workshops and talks by leading industry figures.  As well as providing teams with up-to-the-minute guidance in the fast-moving world of marketing, the teams also get a chance to network with one another, sharing the successes and failures that can inform more effective marketing strategies. 


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