by Andy Harrington

Finding funding for your technology business

Securing the right funding at the right time can make all the difference in ensuring growing technology businesses are able to scale-up. But how do such businesses give themselves the best chance of finding the funding they need?

At Livingbridge, we’ve invested in a series of exciting technology, media and telecoms (TMT) businesses over the past two decades and met many more innovative companies with huge potential. The best of these businesses offer very different value propositions, but when it comes to finding funding, they share many of the same characteristics. These traits will significantly increase TMT businesses’ chances of getting the best possible funding deal.

In this report, Paul explains how you can make use of these on your funding journey- from the initial decision process surrounding the type of funding your looking for, right through to pitching to a potential investment partner- and gives examples of how our investees approached their own funding journey.

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