Environmental, social & governance  

We believe in the importance of a comprehensive environmental, social and governance (ESG) policy, considering ESG in the context of our business and our investments. It’s essential for us to manage risk, but also it improves business performance and long-term sustainable growth, both in our investments and for our investors.  

ESG & our investments 

We integrate ESG fully into our investment process and lifecycle. When conducting due diligence on a potential investment we don’t apply a “tick box” approach; we ask specific, tailored questions about the businesses we look to invest in. We approach businesses and what they do in a holistic way, taking time to get to know them and really understand what the business does.  

Our ESG assessment allows us to identify risks early and manage or remedy them where required.  ESG continues to feature prominently once we have made an investment throughout the hold period. We believe it’s important to build sustainable companies which make a positive contribution to the world in which they operate. Livingbridge holds board seats at its investee companies, ensuring continuous dialogue with management teams and helping to drive a positive ESG agenda. Our shared insight and data platforms and network of specialist consultants allow us to maintain a flexible approach to setting ESG goals and tracking progress.  

The culture at Livingbridge 

Our company culture reflects the importance we place on ESG, with significant time invested in creating a welcoming and flexible workplace for all. As a result, we outperform the UK private equity industry on gender diversity metrics and maintain a commitment to promoting gender balance in the business and the businesses in which we invest. We are also a supporter and regular mentor at Level 20, a not for profit focused on improving gender diversity in private equity.  

We are a proud partner of Impetus, a charity that transforms the lives of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, with several Livingbridge volunteers supporting Impetus projects throughout the year.  

These activities, amongst many others, reflect a commitment to encourage everyone at Livingbridge to be involved more widely with the world in which we live and invest.   

Our team

We’re a diverse group of people who are driven by making changes for the better. For our investees, for ourselves, and for the world in which we live in and work.

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