Dan Jones, CEO of Bright Futures, discusses leadership in the social care sector

Bright Futures’ CEO, Dan Jones, discusses the importance of developing a clear vision and value proposition to create a positive company culture in the social care sector.


Q. As the CEO how do you motivate your team to deliver the strategy?

“A key part of motivating the team is to create a clear value proposition and vision that inspires, challenges, enthuses and motivates. A critical aspect of this is to get people absolutely aligned and engaged so they can see their role in the strategic direction of the organisation and in turn are motivated and excited about the future. Leadership and motivation are essential skills in leading the organisation and it is critical to do so via integrity, leading by example, being full of passion for our goals, and being visible in the business and speaking to staff at all levels to ensure the motivation cascades to the core of the organisation.”


Q. What are the biggest challenges facing the sector at the moment and how are Bright Futures overcoming them?

“One of the biggest challenges facing the sector are the well-publicised public spending constraints. Bright Futures delivers a high-quality evidence-based service, so we find commissioners recognise the value for money we offer and our services are very much in demand.
Recruitment and staff turnover are also a significant challenge to the sector and one of our key strategic goals to address this is to have genuinely engaged staff teams who feel valued, respected, supported and well trained. This really sets us aside from the sector as an employer of choice for those working in care.”


Q. How much does company culture influence your decision making?

“In the care sector a positive company culture is fundamental to success and hence is a critical part to decision making. There are many examples in the sector where poor culture has had a detrimental effect on the quality of care provided.
We have deliberately spent time to engage our staff teams to develop our vision and value proposition so that every member of staff has sight of our this and understands the role they play in its success. We have been clear across the organisation that maintaining our genuinely caring culture is fundamental to what we do now and will remain critical into the future as we continue to grow.”

Q. What excites you about the next stage of growth with Bright Futures?

“Increasing the size of our high-quality care and education provision to more people is one of the most exciting aspects of our growth as we will be able to successfully support more people that would otherwise remain in long stay hospitals and/or in inadequate support provision.

As a leading provider in our chosen specialism and with the backing from Livingbridge we now have the means to increase the provision of care and education available to more people and truly make a difference to their lives. I’m excited to be able to lead a management team and organisation that remains better than the competition.”

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