Coversure Insurance Services Group rebrands as the Jensten Group Ltd

Coversure Insurance Services Group (CISG) has rebranded to the Jensten Group Ltd.

Effective immediately, the rebrand forms part of the Group’s ambitious plans for development, and the simplified structure will facilitate further growth for this fast-paced company.

Jensten Group Ltd comprises of online wholesaler Policyfast, specialist insurance underwriters City Underwriters and franchise operation Coversure. With significant plans afoot for Policyfast, City Underwriters and Coversure, the Jensten Group mantle will allow each component part to flourish, and further build their own identity.

Mergers and acquisitions: pursuing an ambitious program

The business’s dedication to growth is further reflected in the recent addition of Chief Financial Officer Ed Hannan, and new Mergers and Acquisitions Director Chris Woosnam, who joined in November and January respectively.

The Group is focused on a strong acquisition strategy to support its Coversure franchise holders to acquire local businesses. The franchise model offers a more flexible solution for small brokers who are looking to sell, and a local home for their loyal customers.

Commenting on the rebrand to Jensten Group Ltd, CEO Bob Darling said;

“I am delighted to introduce Jensten Group Ltd to the world. For so long we have referred to CISG as ‘Coversure’ which can be confusing for brokers and insurers alike. By rebranding to Jensten we can ensure the individual component parts build and further establish their own identities, as we are a force to be reckoned with in the insurance industry.”

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