Building a talent strategy with loveholidays

Daniel Smith and Alex Francis, CEO of loveholidays, discuss how our growth acceleration team has helped the business to enhance their operational platform at pace and attract and retain the best talent.
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Talent Strategy: loveholidays

loveholidays, the short-haul beach holiday provider headquartered in London, is the fastest growing OTA in the UK. 


Daniel: Livingbridge’s Growth Acceleration team has within it a talent team, and they’ve helped loveholidays in two ways: first of all to think about how their organisational  design should change as they grow at pace, and then secondly, how they go about filling in the roles that they need to hire.

Alex: One of the better things they’ve done, amongst many, is to help us with the acquisition of further talent. The management team was streamlined. Initially, we had 7 people in the management team; with their help, we’ve managed to move that to 12. We’ve brought in a new CTO (chief technical officer), who we found with their help and he’s  excellent. We’ve got a new marketing officer (CMO). We’ve found a people director, and a number of probably not so senior roles, but lower management roles that are, again, very important to the business. Having that team of people there means that people like myself and the CFO can focus on other more strategic areas to allow us to grow.

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