Bright Futures’ CEO, Dan Jones, tells us about his experiences of working with Livingbridge

Bright Future’s CEO, Dan Jones, talks about his experience of working in a private equity backed business and what it’s like working with Livingbridge.


Q. What is different about working in a private equity backed company?

“Working with a private equity backed business empowers and supports an organisation to grow at a fast pace in a scalable manner that enhances value. It removes many of the challenges and constraints that limit non private equity backed businesses from realising their true potential.During my career I’ve found that in non-private equity backed businesses the resilience, robustness, challenge and performance monitoring tools are not always scrutinised sufficiently which can lead to poor decision making. Having the support of private equity also gives access to a wider range of specialisms and support that are very hard to find elsewhere. ”


Q. What has surprised you about working with Livingbridge since investment?

“Having worked with Livingbridge previously I knew they really stood out in the private equity market as having a genuine interest in their investments. What has surprised me since then is the additional insight, support, expertise and advice that they now offer to help businesses grow. When working with Livingbridge it is great to see that although their investment portfolio has grown, everyone I speak to understands Bright Futures and adapts their approach to meet our specific needs to further empower us to run the business and continue to grow.”


Q. How has the way you approach work changed during your career? 

“As my career has progressed from management to leadership, changing approach has been crucial for success. An important aspect to this is finding ways to build resilience, as this is essential to sustain the energy needed to maintain motivation, commitment and effort.”

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