by Charlie Ross

At IoT Tech Expo, the question of the customer was front of mind

Charlie Ross attended the IoT Tech Expo conference, the world’s largest IoT event series sharing insight across the future of IoT, AI and blockchain.

Charlie shares his thoughts on the event and the topics that resonated:

“The IoT Tech Expo was excellent, with a great mix of pioneering businesses looking to revolutionise how we use technology to connect and share data with each other more securely, accurately and innovatively than ever before.

One of the topics that really resonated with me was the need to put the customer first when developing, implementing and managing the product or solution being sold. Whilst this sounds obvious it is not always at the heart of an IoT concept, and in order to turn that concept into a fully developed solution that can be sufficiently monetised to become a successful business it needs to be tangibly valued by customers.

Developers should look at connected asset management in areas where the asset value or the cost of down time is high, examples being heavy machinery or power stations. In these scenarios implementing real time reporting and predictive analytics can drive real value for customers, whereas lower value items including household appliances such as juicers and toasters may not justify installation and ongoing monitoring costs regardless how clever the solution is.

As well as customer-centric development, security was very much at the forefront of all the discussions, with more and more devices speaking to each other automatically and more data being shared than ever before, it is clear that the security of this data transfer is top of the agenda. Some would argue security is still catching up to the technological advances being implemented, and in order to avoid further data breaches or loss of integrity it will be vital that all businesses ensure they have implemented adequate security measures. As well as this being a responsible course of action it will increasingly be a requirement from customers who will not do businesses with providers who cannot demonstrate that their data is secure.

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