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Rebecca Hooley

Value strategy team
+44 (0)20 7506 5610

“I really enjoy the variety and unpredictably that comes with my role and the very smart people I get to work with.”

My role is to work with the management teams across the portfolio, helping them build out their team and deliver on their ambitious growth strategy. It was the strong team that attracted me to Livingbridge, with their vast experience and open minded attitude. 

One of the most memorable investments I have been involved with is Kingsbridge, a business providing insurance products to freelance contractors. We started building a relationship with the CEO back in 2010 and closely monitored its progress until we invested at the end of 2013.  Kingsbridge continued to grow phenomenally well over the first two years of our hold, doubling in size and launching several new products. As a result of this success we were able to achieve an exit much sooner and went through a highly competitive process which resulted in a great outcome for both management and Livingbridge. It will be great to see what Kingsbridge can achieve in this exciting next chapter of its life.

I started my career at EY working in audit and corporate finance. EY provided a great foundation, however I was really interested in gaining some operational experience and understanding in what it really took to grow a business. This prompted a move to become finance director of Ancient Sands Golf Resort, a JV project headed up by Orascom Development Holding. This took me off to Egypt for several years and it was here I learnt that with the right team anything is possible. This drove my interest in private equity, which is all about backing and working with management teams to create value. Therefore after gaining an MBA from Cambridge University in 2014, I worked at venture firm Spire Ventures, before joining Livingbridge in 2015.

I love to travel, especially if it’s somewhere warm and windy and I can take my kite-surfing gear.