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“The process of creating value is often an exciting and very eventful journey. It is incredibly rewarding to see our businesses deal with bumps in the road, gain momentum and go on to achieve great things.”

I work with our investee companies, helping to build great organisations and develop winning strategies.

My finest Livingbridge moment was the turnaround of Staffline. After a difficult initial period post investment, we then backed a very talented CEO to reposition this recruitment business originally operating in the blue collar sector. It was a triumph of hard work, focus and man-management by Andy’s team, and Staffline was floated on the London Stock Exchange in 2004. It has been a highly successful investment and we remain shareholders many years later.

I have had a pretty varied career: highlights include paper-round boy, glass collector, aerospace lending and acquisition integration in the telecoms sector during the dotcom bubble. However, my most formative period was working in corporate recovery at Deloitte after qualifying as an accountant in the early 1990s. This provided a great grounding in the drivers of success and failure in business.

When I’m not at work I enjoy walking my dog, and listening to Desert Island Discs. 

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