Paul Morris

Name: Paul Morris

Personal Assistant: Alice Surridge

Telephone: 020 7506 5620


Title: Partner

My work centres on identifying and investing in fast growth, entrepreneurial businesses. I will also continue to work with the management of these businesses post investment.

Unusually for Livingbridge, I am not a graduate. I joined Barclays in 1987 with A-levels and enjoyed a long and varied career with them, including time within the central risk management team. In 1996, I joined Leveraged Finance and ended up working alongside Livingbridge on a number of deals. Despite having been exposed to my future colleagues, I still decided to join Livingbridge in 2003!

One of my career highlights would be the Enotria deal. I approached them after indentifying wine distribution as an interesting investment opportunity. I contacted Remo Nardone, the owner, in mid 2005 and managed to complete a deal in December 2005 without Remo seeing the need to market the business to any other potential buyers. Our up front research and approach meant Remo felt from a very early stage that Livingbridge was the right partner for Enotria.

About me
Little known fact: As a 15 year old, I had aspirations to play lead guitar in a rock band. Unfortunately my career came to a premature end as my first few chords resulted in my valve amplifier blowing up and setting fire to the sofa. My parents suggested a career in finance was less dangerous.

Most likely to say?
You get out of life what you put into life!

Outside of work I… am a full time taxi driver for my two sons who are involved in a variety of different sports.

Perfect day: 
Playing golf with my eldest son, whilst my youngest drives the buggy!!