Mark Advani /

Name: Mark Advani

Personal Assistant: Sarah Mitchell

Telephone: 0121 253 1601


Title: Partner

I feel blessed to have a job that allows me to indulge my passion. I lead one of our investment teams in the regions, so get to meet and work with a whole spectrum of different people from every industry I can think of.

I grew up in Newcastle and read Economics at Nottingham. I’ve been with Livingbridge for 15 years following a secondment some years earlier. I’m not as old as I look – much of my working life has been spent here. I previously dabbled in banking with Barclays, moving between London, New York and Hong Kong.

Looking back over 15 years. the investments have been fascinating but the fun has been about the people I have worked with. Many of the managers and founders of our investee companies have become multi-millionaires and many are now faced with the problem of where to park the yacht. Yacht envy is not an issue for me and I am proud to count a number of ex investees as personal friends.

About me
Little known fact: My grandfather was the baker on  ‘The Generation Game’. We still get (very!) occasional royalties.

Outside of work I… go to the gym (honest!), run (half marathon is plenty) play with the kids, ski and sail when I can. I’ve a weakness for wine and have a cellar that is filling up nicely.

Perfect day:
In the mountains or on the sea. I’d take either.

What makes me get out of bed in the morning?  
I am not a morning person. Not at all.