Liz Jones /

Name: Liz Jones

Personal Assistant: Shweta Sawhney

Telephone: 020 7506 5601


Title: Partner

Each day is different, but the essence of my role is to find and invest in great businesses and in the people that make them a success. I have invested in many sectors over the years, but have a special affinity for the healthcare and education sectors where I have worked with many entrepreneurs seeking to transform part of the market or deliver a service in a new or innovative way.     After starting my career at Barclays, I was fortunate to secure a 9 month secondment to Barclays Ventures in 1997. Those 9 months turned rapidly into four years, and in that time I developed my love of business and of working with individuals who are passionate about what they do. The opportunity to join Livingbridge ten years ago was simply an offer I couldn’t refuse.

My favourite and most satisfying moments have been working with the many healthcare entrepreneurs we have backed at Livingbridge. I find that the people who really make a difference in this sector almost always have a unique and very special motivation for establishing and nurturing their businesses.

About me
Little known fact: I appeared on Welsh TV as a teenager wearing a waistcoat I had made myself. Inexplicably, my career as a fashion designer came to a swift end at about
the same time.

Most likely to say?
I can’t believe my husband has had another of his Wiggle orders delivered to the office.

Outside of work I…Enjoy relaxing with my family.

Perfect day:
A cold autumn day with a walk across Richmond Park and a reward at a pub on the way home.

What makes me get out of bed in the morning?
My baby boy. He has no concept of the weekend.