Andrew Garside /

Name: Andrew Garside

Personal Assistant: Shweta Sawhney

Telephone: 020 7506 5601


Title: Partner

I lead one of the investment teams at Livingbridge. Our job is to understand the motivations and objectives of the stakeholders in an enterprise and work out how Livingbridge can best play a role in the future growth. To contribute to the development of a business, we need to keep learning and developing our own skills. The best projects are where we “click” with a team and there is mutual respect for what each party brings to the table – foundation for a great relationship going forward.

I joined Livingbridge in 2005 as I was so impressed with the attitude of everyone I knew and met here – rigorous and hardworking but not over-confident. It’s a strong team that really enjoys working together. My journey before started by studying Engineering and Management at university and then working to improve manufacturing processes. I joined 3i as a graduate on the point of the 1990 recession and built a decent track record and managed several offices over 15 years.

I really enjoy seeing how a management team develops over the years and how we learn together – and it is so satisfying to see performance improve over time.

About me
Little known fact: I love art, sculpture, gardens. And I love the idea that I could create them all – but it’s all in the mind, unfortunately!

Outside of work I… race my adorable Lotus 23b sports car which is older and way faster than I am. And I am happiest walking my dog at home in North Yorkshire.

Perfect day: Those beautiful June evenings in the North that stay light until 11pm. Or sailing with no prospect of hearing traffic noise all day.

What makes me get out of bed in the morning? The fact that I gave myself an extra 2 minutes, 10 minutes ago…