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Metronet (UK)

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B2B internet service provider

Metronet is an internet services provider combining wireless technology alongside fibre to deliver high-speed connectivity and managed services to corporates and SMEs across the Midlands and North of England. Using wireless connectivity rather than fibre liberates its customers from reliance upon third party fibre and exchanges and its wireless solutions are highly reliable and resilient.

Metronet has grown very rapidly from its Manchester base into Lancashire, Cheshire, Liverpool, Leeds and Birmingham and is now expanding further afield. Widespread adoption of cloud based services has seen customer growth accelerate. Our investment is supporting the business as it continues its rapid growth into new and existing territories. In the medium to long term, the company seeks to create the UK’s first ubiquitous wireless network infrastructure.

In 2014 Metronet won BVCA Mid-Market Private Equity backed Management Team of the Year in the North West. Matthew Caffrey from Livingbridge said, “Livingbridge is backing an outstanding team and a compelling, disruptive customer proposition that is competitively and technologically differentiated from other ISPs by its wireless technology.”   


“Metronet (UK) is entering a very exciting phase of growth and we have some major plans to invest in the network over the coming years to support geographic expansion. The investment from Livingbridge will help us realise our ambition to build Metronet (UK) into the country’s leading B2B internet service provider.”  

Elliott Mueller, CEO



Metronet founded


Livingbridge invest in Metronet 


Metronet win BVCA Mid-Market Private Equity backed Management Team of the Year in the North West.


New CIO joins

Partnership with Fluidata enabling them to wholesale Metronet (UK)’s Wireless proposition on a layer-2 basis to other UK ISPs

Acquisition of M247 


Acquisition of Venus Business Communications

Metronet (UK) and Livingbridge 

We interviewed Lee Perkins of Metronet (UK) and Matthew Caffrey of Livingbridge shortly after Metronet's transformational acquisition of M247.  Lee and Matt  discuss the market opportunity, how they work together and the recent acquisition of M247.